LAN-to-LAN routing

ISDN, T-1, analog

Integrated digital modems

10/100BaseT, FDDI

PCI/MVIP bus design

8-168 ports

Dual-flash memory

Intelligent switching has never been simpler than with Osicom's flagship remote access switch, the IQX-200. Award-winning SmartRoute software and high port density offer a powerful solution for managing both digital and analog users. Ease of operation and scaleable migration provide affordable growth for Internet Service Providers (ISP) and large-scale corporate enterprise networks. Multiple T-1 and ISDN interfaces support a remote client base of telecommuters, mobile users and remote offices.

IS managers can migrate automatically from 10BaseT to 100BaseT without additional drivers or configuration. The 10/100 auto-sensing link-up Fast Ethernet interface supplies maximum throughput to LAN resources and eliminates bottlenecks at network servers. Remote offices can connect via analog, ISDN and T-1 lines.

A channelized T-1 network interface concentrates resources and eliminates the cost of having an individual line for each connection or user. Dual-flash memory stores the original software configuration and allows image upgrade via file transfer.

Award winning SmartRoute software provides proven performance and link optimization for LAN-to-LAN routing.

Single- and dual-attached FDDI interfaces connect the IQX-200 to critical high-speed applications that take advantage of fiber optic's immunity to RFI and fault tolerance of dual rings. PCI ASIC advanced Fastracc architecture optimizes throughput and data handling for fiber- and copper-attached networks.

Wide-area interface cards reduce equipment quantity and cost with integral CSU/DSUs and ISDN U-interfaces.

The IQX-200 incorporates a standards-based architecture. A dual-bus structure integrates MVIP switching with high-speed PCI technology.

Scaleability >From 8 to 168 connections give remote users easy access to Internet and intranet resources. Each T-1 card supports up to 24 connections, and each 4-port BRI card supports up to 8 connections. Optional digital modems for T-1 and ISDN cards accommodate analog users.

Analog, ISDN and T-1 lines support LAN-to-LAN routing. Multi-link PPP increases bandwidth for heavy-volume transfers. Leased-line point-to-point connections can be at speeds of 56 kbps to full T-1.

ISPs will find the IQX-200 ideal for small- to medium-sized POPs. IQX-200 incorporates functions that typically require additional equipment. Integral digital modems eliminate the need for external units, reduce footprint requirements and simplify management and maintenance. The IQX-200 also provides remote access to private-corporation intranets.

Dial-out LAN-to-LAN routing lets remote users create virtual LANs by connecting through a central site to multiple sites. Users simply connect to the local facility's LAN and the IQX-200 takes care of the rest.


The IQX-200 carries a 1-year hardware, 90-day software return-to-factory repair warranty. Osicom Technologies offers additional support and service plans to fit your needs. For more information please contact a Deluxe Care representative 24 hours a day at 800-DLX-CARE (800-359-2273).

IQXLAN-PCI Ethernet 10/100 (RJ45)
IQXFDDI-PCI Fiber (SC/ MIC) Single Attach
IQXFDDI-PCI Fiber (SC) Dual Attach

Any combination of WAN interfaces up to 7 total with expansion unit.

IQX-200E Expansion cabinet : Includes, cage, cards, cable and power

IQX-BRI Quad Port ISDN (U Interface)

IQX-BRI/DM Quad Port ISDN W/ Digital Modem (U Interface)

IQX-T1 24 Channel T-1 (Integrated DSU/CSU)

IQX-T/DM T-1 w/ 8/16/24 Digital Modems (Integrated DSU/CSU)

IQX-DH Dual High Speed Serial (RS449 Interface)


PCI Slots:
Base Unit: 4 total
With Expansion Unit: 7 total

LAN Interfaces:
Frame Types: Type II, 802.2 (LLC), 802.3 (RAW), SNAP
Protocols Supported: IP/IPX
Routing: IP/IPX (RIP1, RIP2 - IP) (RIP/SAP-IPX)

Compatible Switches: AT&T 4ESS, AT&T 5ESS, Nortel DMS100, DMS-250, NI-1

WAN Interfaces:
ISDN Protocols: PPP (MLPPP 2BRI Channel), Optional 4-Channel MLPPP
Framing Formats:
D4, SF (Super Frame), ESF (Extended Super Frame), Multi Framing with CRC4
Line Coding: AMI with B8ZS

Digital Modem:
V.34, V.32, V.22bis V.22A/B, V.23 and V.21, Bell 212A and 103, 33.6 kbps supported, V.42 LAPM and MNP-2-4 error correction, V.42bis and MNP5 data, MNP 10, MNP 10-EC, Flow Control SpeedBuffering

T-1: Robbed bit signaling (ANSI T1 .403)

Processor: Pentium

Link Status Indicators:
Power, Error, Ready, Operator, LAN, Idle, Wan, HDLC, Modem, Busy

Award-winning SmartRoute software

Compression: 4:1

Memory: 8 Mbyte DRAM standard, 4 Mbyte dual flash (PMCIA Removable)

Line Voltage: 5 amps @115 VAC, 2.5 amps @230 VAC
Frequency: 50/60 Hz
Max.Pwr. Consumption: 575 Watts

16.25"D x 16.95"L x 16.25"H (EIA standard 4U), expansion cabinet = same dimensions x 2

Weight: 9.85 lb. with LAN Interface

Operating: 32 to 104F, 0 to 40C
Storage: 32 to 122F, 0 to 50C

Altitude: Up to 15,000 ft.

Relative Humidity: 5% to 95%, non-condensing

EMI: FCC Part 15, Class B

Management: Full SNMP compliance MIB II enterprise table

Performance: Pentium Processor, Coprocessing WAN interface

Security: PAP, CHAP, Radius Support, Control client access shift

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