Nethopper Series


 Nethopper NH-RAS
Easy installation and configuration

Affordable: Integrates the routing engine, LAN interface and modems

Standards-based: Fully SNMP Manageable and uses Point to Point Protocol (PPP)

Secure: Full cryptographic challenge and authentication.

Low-cost connectiity solution

Full telecommuting capabilities, remote management, E-mail and file transfer

Integrated AUI and 10BASE-T Ethernet

More than 27 million people are a part of the mobile workforce. Add another 4 million workers in small offices with under 10 people and you hae a pressing need for simple, affordable connectiity to share E-mail, provide database access and run client serer applications. NetHopper TM provides the competitive adantage you need today!

NH-RAS proides one or 5 ports for remote user or remote LAN access. Integrated high speed modem technology gies the performance to access LAN resources and connect TCP/IP and Noell IPX users to remote networks. Proiding connectivity at up to 115 Kbps with integrated compression, NetHopperTM extends your LAN whereer you need it, oer the most ubiquitous network in the world, the Public Switched Telephone Network.

The intuitie, menu-driven configuration of the NH-RAS allows you to configure users and passwords, telephone numbers and network address quickly. You're up and running in 5 minutes to offer transparent access to E-mail, files or a database. Ports can be configured for dialin, dialout or both to allow transparent access to remote offices or back to a corporate Enterprise.

NetHopperTM also features Worry Free Routing technology, offering the ability to configure security filters based on traffic source, destination or type. You can "show" remote users and offices only the resources you need to, and preent unauthorized access to others.

NetHopperTM controls your remote access costs - from the ability to set connect quotas, to full audit trail logging, and our exclusie SmartRouteTM technology ensures you transparent connectiity with full control.

Integrated Modem

  • One or 5 RNS V.34 SocketmodemsTM running at 28.8Kbps
  • Baud rate: 28.8Kbps Autobaud down to 1200
  • Protocol: V.34
  • Error correction: V.42/MNPTM 2-4
  • Data compression: V.42bis/MNP ersion 5
  • WAN connector: RJ-11


  • Programmable, auto dial or auto answer, dialin only or both

Network Interface

  • One 802.3 AUI, 10BASE-T autosense LAN interface


  • Full cryptographic handshake
  • Resource Access configured on a per-user basis
  • IP, IPX packet filtering, user-to-LAN, or LAN-to-LAN call back

Network Management

  • Manageable ia SNMP (MIB II, IP filtering extensions, Standard traps and enterprise traps) with full sets, gets

LED Indicators

  • Power On/Off, Network actiity, DTR, CD, Wide area Line Transmit, Wide Area Link Receie, 10BASE-T Link Status, Error


  • 120/250V External


  • FCC Class B, UL, DOC, CSA