LMDS Band (with Santa Barbara Operators)

While the LMDS bands are not directly availble to the smaller users that tend to use ISM band communications, they are of interest nevertheless, for several reasons: For these reasons, we are including this page of information.


Overview of the band

As this picture (from from http://www.fcc.gov/wtb/auctions/summary/bandplan.html#lmds) shows, two blocks were auctioned. Block B is 150MHz, block A is a whopping 1150 MHz in three separate sub-bands.

Local Licensees

These licenses were issued in auction 17, in 1998 and run through 6/17/2008. Market ID: BTA406 (Santa Barbara/Santa Maria). Both of these companies also hold the licenses for San Luis Obispo.
Nextband Communications, LLC
Block A, call sign WPLM403. Paid $389K.
Block B, call sign WPLM542. Paid $88K (reflecting 45% discount off bid of $160K).