Wireless Internet Service Providers

The following list was originally collected by Steve Stroh <steve@strohpub.com> and the readers/contributors of wireless-data@mailing-list.net which is edited by Steve. (Steve also writes a monthly column for BoardWatch magazine.)
I (Lars Poulsen) have added some specifics about the technology used, and I would like to receive more updates to that area especially.
Services integrated with the mobile telephone systems (CDPD, GPRS, G3 etc) are specifically excluded from this list.


State, City Name URL Technology (Vendor) Comments
USA PSInet www.psinet.com/access ISM-2.4-FH (Airdata WIMAN)
USA Metricom Ricochet www.ricochet.net ISM-900 (Metricom's own radios)
USA WorldCom www.caiwireless.com MMDS Active MMDS service in at least 16 markets (6 in US East coast corridor, 10 in Texas). Holding licenses in at least 21 markets. CAI Wireless was acquired by Worldcom in summer of 1999.
Alabama, Huntsville HiWAAY Internet Services www.hiwaay.net/ sales/peering.html ISM-???
Alabama, Mobile Advanced Wireless Systems, Inc www.awireless.net/ cyberwave LMDS (Hybrid, CalAmp)
Alabama, Montgomery Novazone, Inc. / Novazone Wireless Internet www.novazone.com/ wireless.htm ISM-2.4-FH
Alaska, Fairbanks MosquitoNet www.mosquitonet.com/ business.shtml Unknown
Arizona, Prescott Valley eSpeed Arizona www.espeedaz.net MMDS with dial return
Arizona, Tucson Gain Wireless www.gainwireless.com ISM-2.4-FH (Proxim RangeLAN)
California, Bakersfield Advanced Systems Network, Inc www.as.net/services.html Unknown ("dedicated wireless access")
California, Bakersfield Kern Internet Services, LLC www.cisconation.com ISM-2.4 (BreezeCom)
California, Berkeley LanMinds www.lanminds.com LMDS, MMDS
(WavePath iSpeed)
California, Berkeley Transbay.Net / UC Telecom- munications Company www.transbay.net/ prices.html#wireless ISM-2.4?
California, Canoga Park InterWireless www.interwireless.com ISM-2.4-FH ("up to 15Mbps")
California, Covina Pacific Micro Systems www.pacwireless.net ISM-900- (OverLAN)
California, Goleta Impulse www.impulse.net ISM-2.4-DS (UC Wireless)
California, Los_ Angeles (really OC) Global Pacific Wireless www.globalpac.com ISM-2.4-FH (BreezeNet PRO.11)
California, Monterey Monterey Bay Internet www.mbay.net
Matthew Hudson <mhudson@mbay.net>
ISM-2.4-FH (Breezecom) Rooftop mounted omni in downtown Monterey.
California, Mountain View rf.net www.rf.net/wireless.html ??? (Looks like it's MMDS) Coverage area from San Jose south towards Gilroy
California, Orange County A-1 Wireless Internet www.a1-wireless.com ???
California, Redding Com-Pair.net www.com-pair.net
Guy Lemke <guy@com-pair.net>
ISM-2.4 (MaxTech LANbridge, HyperAmp)
California, San_Francisco MasterLink, Inc www.m-l.net/services/ IAccess/Radio/Index2.htm MMDS (WavePath iSpeed)
California, San_Francisco SFLan www.sflan.com
Tim Pozar <pozar@lns.com>
ISM-900 (AiroNet) An ad-hoc group mostly within the Presidio of SF
California, San_Francisco Slip.Net - now taken over by FirstWorld www.firstworld.com Appears to be MMDS or LMDS, probably iSpeed Firstworld is based in Denver but offers wireless only in the SF Bay area
California, San_Francisco WavePath (iSpeed) www.wavepath.com MMDS (iSpeed)
California, San_Jose Innetix Wireless, Inc www.innetix.com ISM-2.4-FH "up to 40 Mbps"
California, San_Jose SOHO Wireless www.sohowireless.com ISM-2.4 802.11 2Mbps
California, San_Martin South Valley Internet www.garlic.com/ svinet/faq/wirelessfaq.htm "up to T1"
California, San_Rafael Infoasis www.infoasis.com "in collaboration with Broadlink"
California, Santa_Clara HMMWV Internet www.hmmwv.net ISM-2.4
California, Santa_Rosa Broadlink www.broadlink.com ISM-2.4
California, Santa_Rosa Net-Ready Internet www.net-ready.com MMDS (iSpeed)
California, Sunnyvale MozcomUSA www.mozcomusa.com No technical details
California, Thousand_Oaks Maxi Net Services www.maxi.net ISM-900-FH (Nokia/Rooftop)
California, Visalia Wireless Internet Services, Inc www.wirelesstcp.net ISM-2.4-FH (BreezeCom AP-10)
Colorado, Denver UltimateCOM www.ultimatecom.com Licensed 2GHz
Florida, Boca Raton Fuzion Wireless Communications www.gofuzion.com UNII-5.8 (Adaptive Broadband)
Florida, Gainesville FiberNet, Inc www.fiber-net.com ISM-2.4-FH (802.11?)
Florida, Lauderdale DirectNET www.directnet1.net ISM-2.4-FH (AiroNet BR500)
ISM-5.8 (WaveSpan 5800)
Two separate services: MMDS with dial return; AiroNet subscriber links with WaveSpan backbone.
Florida, Melbourne The Network Group, Inc www.netusa.com Not mentioned on WWW page
Florida, Melbourne Airwire www.airwire.net ISM-2.4-FH (BreezeCom)
Florida, Miami Interatworld www.interatworld.com ISM-2.4-FH (WaveNet IP)
Georgia, Atlanta UltimateCOM www.ultimatecom.com Licensed 2GHz - LMDS ?
Georgia, Atlanta SpeedQwest www.speedqwest.com ?
Idaho, Boise CyberHighway Internet Services boi.cyberhighway.net ? ("Wireless T1")
Idaho, Idaho_Falls Microserver Computer Technologies www.microserv.com
Hugh Shane <hughs@tetonvalley.net>
? ("Wireless T1")
Illinois, Earlville The Software Farm www.tsf.net ? (115 kbps)
Illinois, Rockford Rock River Internet www.rockriver.net
Tom ? <tom@ispstuff.com>
Indiana, Indianapolis WorkNet www.worknet.net ? "BitBeam Service"
Indiana, Warsaw WaveOne Communications www.waveone.net ?
Kansas, Garden City Hubris Communications www.gcnet.com ?
Kansas, St_Louis WorkNet www.worknet.net ? "BitBeam Service"
Louisiana, Baton_Rouge Warp One www.warpone.net MMDS
Maine, Rockland MidCoast Internet Solutions www.midcoast.com ISM-2.4-FH 6 tower sites.
Massachussetts, Greenfield ShaysNet.com www.shaysnet.com
David Leonard <mdl@shaysnet.com>
ISM-2.4-FH (Breezecom)
Massachussetts, Wellesley NextGen Communications www.nextgencom.com MMDS (WinNet WIN-100)
Michigan, Traverse_City Wireless First www.speedconnect.com
John de Celis <jdecelis@ speedconnect.com>
LMDS (Hybrid) 1-way and 2-way
New_Hampshire, Madison Hedgehog Hill Group www.hedgehog-hill.com ISM-2.4-??
New_Mexico, Santa_Fe Lobo Direct Corp. www.lobodirect.com ?
New_York, New_York TSI Cable www.tsicable.com MMDS ?
New_York, Rochester Cybertech Wireless, Inc www.cybertechwireless.com
Bill Palma <office@cbtek.com>
"up to 11Mbps" Service in Rochester, Syracuse and Buffalo
New_York, Syracuse NetSite Systems, Inc www.netsitesys.com/aironet
David Stehle <dstehle@netsitesys.com>
ISM-2.4 (AiroNet)
North_Carolina, Greensboro NETMCR Internet Services www.netmcr.com ISM-2.4-FH (SkyRunner?)
Ohio, Cleveland WorkNet www.worknet.net ? "BitBeam Service"
Oregon, Salem Cyber Wireless cyberwireless.net ?
Pennsylvania, Philadelphia WisperNet wispernet.martnet.com ISM-2.4-FH (BreezeCom)
Rhode_Island, Westerly RIconneCT Internet / JPS Online www.riconnect.com ISM-2.4-FH (BreezeCom)
Tennesee, Memphis Warp One www.warpone.net MMDS
Texas, Austin Jump.Net, Inc wireless.jump.net LMDS (Hybrid CyberWave 2-way) Partnered with Nucentrix in the Austin area
Texas, Dallas Nucentrix Broadband Networks, Inc www.nucentrix.net LMDS (Hybrid CyberWave 2-way) Nucentrix is a wireless cable company with service in 92 market areas
Texas, El_Paso WhiteHorse Communications, Inc www.whc.net ? Partnered with USAonline, Inc. Service in El Paso and in Midland. A definitive source says it is not LMDS; maybe Adaptive Broadband?
Texas, Whichita_Falls Regional Wireless Networks www.rwnetworks.com ISM-2.4, ???-5.2, ISM-5.8
Service from 256Kbps to 90Mbps
Washington, Seattle QueenAnne.Net / Cortland Communications Corporation www.queenanne.net ISM-2.4 ?? Could this be Nokia/ Rooftop?
Washington, Seattle ReFlex Communications, Inc www.reflexcomm.com Apartment buildings. No mention of wireless on website.
Washington, Spokane Lahman Internet Services www.lahman.com ISM-2.4 ?? 11Mbps wireless bridge
Washington, Woodinville Accel Net, Inc www.accelnet.net ISM-2.4-FH Up to 10 Mbps customer link
Washington, Yakima InCommand Interactive wireless.yakima.net ISM-?? 500 kbps shared
Wyoming, Laramie Laramie Internet Access and Telecom- munications (LarIAT) www.lariat.org
Brett Glass <brett@lariat.org>
ISM-2.4 Citywide 2Mbps 802.11 network


Province, City Name URL Technology (Vendor)
National Novalink www.novalnk.net ISM-2.4-FH
British_Columbia, Golden Rocky Mountain Internet Junction www.rockies.net/wireless.htm
Terry Hickey <thickey@rockies.net>
ISM-2.4 (Wi-Lan)
British_Columbia, Salmon_Arm JetStream Internet Services www.jetstream.net ISM-2.4-FH (WaveRider NCL135)
Ontario, Kanata Silicon-North www.silicon-north.com ISM-2.4-FH "Services provided by Novalink.net"
Ontario, Ottawa Storm Internet Services www.storm.ca ?? 2 and 5 Mbps service tiers.
Ontario, Toronto MIPPS*Net Online 1998, Inc www.mipps.net ISM-2.4-FH 2, 3 and 10Mbps service tiers

Caribbean and Latin America

Country, City Name URL Technology (Vendor) Comments
Bermuda North Rock Communications www.northrock.com WaveRider Unable to connect: Web server requires password to login

Outside North America

Continent Country/State, City Name URL Technology (Vendor)
Africa Ghana, Network Computer Systems Ltd. www.ghana.com WaveRider
Australia/ Pacific New South Wales, Cooma Smart Radio Systems www.cynosure.com/isp/blamac
ISM-2.4-FH (Proxim RangeLAN2 - 1.6Mbps)
Australia/ Pacific Philipines, Manila Mozcom
Europe Germany, Berlin Wireless Internet Access Project www-tkn.ee.tu-berlin.de/ ~schulte/project.html ISM-2.4-DS (Digital, AiroNet)
Europe Latvia, Riga LATNET www.latnet.lv/LATNET/ RADIOLink/HTMLDocument.html ISM-900 (AiroLAN ARLAN630)
Europe Lithuania, Vilnius AIVA Sistema www.aiva.lt/en/ we offer.html#wavelan ISM-2.4 (WaveLAN)
Europe Russia, Moscow RusLain www.decsy.ru/products/ internet/.index.html ISM-2.4-DS

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