Life Under the Corona Siege

Lars Poulsen - 2020-05-04

Here are a few pictures illustrating our life under (partial) lockdown. Fortunately we have a house on a corner lot with a nice backyard, so both we and our dogs can go outside. We can drive to a park or beach and walk or run, so long as we wear a face mask and keep 6 feet from strangers. I can even go to the office - and have to go at least twice a week, either for IT issues that affect the ability to work remotely or for handling of book-keeping records on paper.

Picture file LJP_8260.jpg not found - cwd=. I have set up a desk/workbench in the garage, so that I can "leave home and go to work".

Improvised masks

Like the rest of the USA, we had a severe shortage of "real" facemasks, so people were asked to donate any they might have to the nearest hospital. So for a while, we used scarves and even shop towels as improvised breathing masks.

A better mask

As even the hospitals were running out of masks, people volunteered to make washable masks out of cotton fabric and cloth tape. Our church had such a project. And people offered us a pair of masks made from these patterns.

Picture file LJP_8272.jpg not found - cwd=. A neighbor brought out part of his christmas display to make this.

Thank You cards

Another neighbor says "Thank You" to the people on the front lines: Health professionals, delivery workers and grocery store staff.

Line outside Trader Joe's grocery store

The number of customers allowed inside stores is strictly limited, so people wait outside until it is their turn.

Keep Out!

I am guessing that someone in this house is immuno-compromised.

Roadside Quote

A new quote every day - keeps the daily walk fresh.


"Do not touch".

Online Church Service

Our Sunday Church service is now on Zoom.

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