When the Time Comes - Plans for My Memorial Service

Lars Poulsen - 2020-05-18

This is a work in progress. As it keeps changing, I like to keep it in this place, where it is visible.

Overall Framework

I want to be cremated, inexpensively. As for what to do with my ashes, I can think of several option that would each be appropriate: Maybe a fractional portion for each.

The funeral homes are overpriced, so try to google for "direct cremation" to find how to skip the markups.

The main event is a memorial service ("Celebration of Life")s at Live Oak UU Congregation in Goleta. I want there to be a reception with wine and plenty of opportunity to talk.

Slide Show / Video

I am hoping that Colleen and Kate together can do a great "story of my life" slide show / video presentation. It is probably a good idea to do this ahead of time. It should have some elements from the periods of my life:


Danish Tracks

UU Hymns

American Folk

I have some old-time favorites, but besides original works by my friends, these are also songs I really really love: Kate Wallace and Natalie D'Napolen would do these very well.

Rocking It

My Friends

I would love to have anyone from the Palm Loft circle there, but these are probably top of my wish list.

Invited Speakers

I want there to be an open mike, for memories, and maybe if someone were up for a piece of music, that would be neat, too.

Beside the musicians mentioned above, I hope the following especially would say a few words:

Colleen and Lars Poulsen

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