Lars Poulsen

125 South Ontare Road, Santa Barbara, CA 93105, USA
Telephone: +1-805-569-5277 - Electronic mail: lars@Beagle-Ears.COM


A position as a senior software engineer or as a software engineering manager; preferably in the Internet or Computer/Telephony Integration technology area.
(As of January 2004, I am very happily employed in just such a position.)

Strong Skills

Employment History

Currently at AFAR Communications Inc, Santa Barbara

April 2003 to current: Vice President

In this startup, my specific areas of responsibility include

UC Wireless (Utilicom, Inc, Wi-LAN Technologies), Santa Barbara

Sep 1998 to Mar 2003: Senior Software Engineer

WIN Router Family
UC Wireless was transitioning from selling pure link layer products to providing network systems. I was their Internet architecture person, working with both our in-house software engineering team and our outside co-developers.
IT architect
As a part time project, I was responsible for the company's IT infrastructure.

OSICOM Technologies, Santa Barbara

Mar 1996 to Aug 1998: Manager of Remote Access Software Development

IQX-200 Remote Access Switch
Midrange Remote Access Switch (RAS) with embedded digital modems serving 8 to 168 dial-up connections via BRI, PRI or T1 lines
Specific areas of responsibility:
Tools: Borland C (Turbo Debugger for Windows)
VxWorks for x86
CVS (Concurrent Version System) distributed source code control
PSR (Problem Service and Reporting) database
Additionally implemented GCI-BIN front-end to make the PSR database web-accessible.

As an after-hours project, implemented a website for a local non-profit organization:

Rockwell Network Systems, Santa Barbara

Feb 1990 to Mar 1996: Senior Software Engineer

Rockwell NetHopper
Principal architect for low-cost dial-up router based on DOS/80386 architecture.
Special areas of responsibility:
Tools: Borland C 4.5 on MS-DOS
ATT-3B2 IP routing Front-End
Developed IP-over-X.25 component for router with 4 ethernets and 1 X.25 port.
Tools: Development for MC68000 in C, hosted on SunOS
DDN Qualification using Tekelec Chameleon
CMC TranServer Terminal Server
Lead Engineer for maintenance release
Tools: Development for MC68000 in C, hosted on SunOS

Advanced Computer Communications, Santa Barbara

Jan 88 - Jan 90 Manager of Commercial Customer Support
Jun 86 - Jan 88 Senior Software Support Engineer

Built customer support function from the ground up
Developed problem tracking software package ("PSR system") which is still in use 10 years later.
Supported IP/X25 interface products to MILNET and ARPAnet
Supported ACC's multiprotocol bridge/router products
Trained support staff for above products

Jan 85 - Jun 86 Principal Software Engineer

Supervised project team responsible for software development and maintenance for most of the company's commercial products. (Mostly MC-68000 based VAX interface processors for X25, HDLC, MAP/TOP).

Oct 83 - Dec 84 Senior Member of Technical Staff
Mar 82 - Oct 83 Member of Technical Staff

IF-VAX/STP (a government network processor)
VIA/FD (an Ethernet controller for IBM channels)
IF-VAX/9700 - an IBM selector channel emulator for driving a XEROX- 9700 laser printer from VAX/VMS (Z80 firmware is assembly and C; VMS device drivers; VMS print spooler in PL/I)
MC-68000 and Z80-based microprocessors programmed in assembly and C In-circuit emulation
VMS device drivers
Government driven test plan development

A/S DATALOG FP, Copenhagen, Denmark

Oct 80 - Mar 82 Consultant to ACC (above)

Aug 75 - Oct 80 Software Engineer

Real-time data acquisition and process control on Norsk Data (Nord-10/Sintran)and PDP-11/RSX-11M systems. Work included device drivers, as well as process supervisor applications.
PDP-11 based RJE and terminal concentrators
Localization of Wang Word Processing Systems

Academic Computer Center, Copenhagen University, Denmark

Jan 72 - Aug 75 Systems Programmer

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